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Friday, November 24, 2017
Holiday hustle and bustle - Lodge #2045 Newsletter, November 2017
Greetings Brothers - and Military Friends,

This month was filled with outreaches to the military, including the Friday Night Fish Fry on November 10th, so I thought I would include our Military Friends in this newsletter. It was certainly a pleasure to see all of you who were able to attend. Remember, you are always invited to our Friday night dinners - on us. It is just a small way to show our continuing appreciation for your service.

As I said, our month was filled with activities associated with Veterans' Day - and we have filled our newsletter with the faces of just a few of the many American heroes we met.

Junior Governor Billy Noah (Sgt. 20 years Army National Guard, retired) and Administrator Leonard Tatum (4 years Army Specialist, Vietnam) spearheaded visits to retirement centers where veterans now reside - e.g. Rose Manor (44 veterans, 11/10/17), Emerald Pond (27 veterans, 11/11/17).

Billy and Leonard led them in a ceremony, which included:

1 - An opening introduction by retired SP5 Leonard Tatum and Sergeant Billy Noah.
2 - The pledge allegiance to the flag.
3 - A 1-page speech which the Lodge prepared for the occasion.
4 - A moment of silence, during which Taps was played, to pay tribute to those who have passed.
5 - Reading and presentation of the Lodge's certificate of appreciation, to each veteran, along with the Lodge's button - "The Greater Durham Moose Lodge 2045. We Love our American Veteran: Honor-Duty-Country."

As each veteran was named, Billy and Leonard stood at attention, saluted them, shook their hand, and thanked them for their service.

Some veterans could not physically attend the ceremonies. For those, Billy and Leonard went to their rooms to present the certificate and honor button, and to salute, shake their hand, and thank them.

Leonard recalled one veteran in his room, who "had no legs and was not able to speak plain. The image is burnt into my mind. I am so blessed to have to come home and not be disabled. ... This has been a great day for Billy and me. God bless America and all that have served to protect us. Billy and I have done our duty as military and by oath."

On a sad note, 2 veterans at Rose Manor had passed away before the presentation. As Moose, we shall honor them with flags on their graves every Memorial Day.

Also on the schedule were several briefer visits to Carillon Assisted Living (4 veterans, 11/6/17), Spring Arbor (4 veterans, 11/7/17), Durham PD (4 first responders, 11/9/17), Freddy's Durham (2 veterans, 11/11/17) and AT&T (7 veterans, 11/11/17).

In all, 88 veterans were honored and 4 first responders.

While at Rose Manor, Billy and Leonard paid a special visit to a Moose Brother (member since 1989) and WWII veteran - James Harper.

In the Army Air Force from 1942 to 1945, serving as an MP under the 15th & 18th Air Force, his first deployment was to North Africa via a ship. James recalled, "I was sea sick for the entire 14-day trip over ... the only thing I could eat was boiled eggs."

After North Africa, he was deployed to Italy. He remembers the noise and skies at night being lit up with gun fire and bombs. His return home was - again - by ship. More sea sickness. More eggs. Reminiscing, James said he was extremely lucky to return home. "Many of my fellow buddies did not."

James, at 96 years old (born: 6/26/1921), is our oldest Lodge member. He is a cancer survivor. His current condition is fair, his speech is good but not loud because of the many radiation treatments. His address at the manor is Rose Manor 4230 N. Roxboro Rd., Durham NC 27704.

James fills his days now putting together puzzles and crossword puzzles. In the photo of James below he is wearing a leather jacket, bedecked with patches and medals. The patch on his right shoulder reads: "Honor the two who died for you - Jesus and American Soldier."

Leonard commented, "He is a kind, generous person and I am proud to know him." As are we all.

Our Friday Night Fish Fry, November 10, was another special delight. Around 40 guests feasted on fried tilapia, baked salmon - homemade slaw and potato salad (which happen to be the best in the entire world :-) - an assortment of vegetable dishes, all finished with pie, cake, cookies and ice cream. We were all stuffed, happily so.

We were especially glad to see long-time friends, Jerry Smith and his wife Betty. As Jerry was introduced as the oldest surviving SeaBee, at 104 years old, he quipped, "and I can still stand up by myself" ... and he stood up to prove it. We happen to know he also still "cuts a fine rug" dancing.

At the Fish Fry, Bobby Finch (22 years - US AIR FORCE, 2nd Lt ('64-'68); US ARMY, Colonel ('68-86), served in Vietnam and Cold War, retired) told us all about a service, exclusively for veterans, and asked us to highlight it in our newsletter - Vets to Vets United (http://www.vetstovetsunited.org/). Founded by a veterinarian, the organization trains dogs as service dogs, therapy dogs (which visit people in hospitals and nursing homes), and emotional support dogs (for folks that need companionship of an animal but do not require a service animal) --- at no cost to the veteran. The webpage at - http://www.vetstovetsunited.org/what-we-offer - says it all. Truly a wonderful - and free - service to veterans!

Rounding out the rest of the month were two events:

1- A Life Line Screening event (http://www.lifelinescreening.com), November 13, where 21 people came in for screening to detect problems related to: blocked/ hardening arteries; abdominal aortic aneurysms; atrial fibrillation or irregular heart beat; bone density. This was the second year that the event was held at our Lodge.
2- The Greater Durham Moose Lodge Annual Fall Golf Tournament, Friday, November 19, 2017. @ Lake Shore Golf Course. The tournament is the major fund-raiser for our Lodge, coordinated by Jeff Sullivan (member since 2006). The final figures are not in yet, but not only does the Lodge itself benefit, the tournament helps support our charities. To date, we have donated $4,850.00 to Duke Children's Hospital, thanks to the efforts of member Jeff Sullivan. Thank you, Jeff!

Upcoming for December ...

-- Sunday, December 3, NCMA District 7 Meeting @ the Henderson Moose Family Center, 554 N Williams St, Henderson, NC 27536. Officers' meeting at 2 pm, followed by the general meeting at 3 pm.
--Thursday, December 21, "EZ Kids ID" event, at Freddy's Burlington, 1421 Boone Station Dr, Burlington, NC 27215. 11 am - 2 pm. Besides our Lodge, Freddy's is sponsoring a blood drive, and local area first responders will also be joining us there.
-- No Friday dinner on December 22 and 29.

December member birthdays: Jeff Sullivan, 12/17; Chris Guffy - 12/19; Tom Swain - 12/20; Ray Oliver - 12/22; Joshua Dechant - 12/23; Norm Rose - 12/27;

Remember that we will NOT be having our Friday dinner the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 24. We will, however, see you the next Friday, December 1st, starting serving at 6, followed by a brief officers' members meeting at 6:30 and general meeting at 7.

During the hustle and bustle of this holiday season, we wish you all a Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving. We have much to be grateful for in a land filled with so many freedoms. Thank you, Military Friends, for securing those freedoms for us!

Until December ...
Norm Rose, Governor
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